Argonautica Private Wealth Management, Inc. is an independent wealth management practice headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

We pride ourselves on our approachability and delivering a premium client service experience. Our wealth management team specializes in equipping high-net-worth families and small institutions with strategic and tactical advice, guidance, and tailored investment strategies in a personalized, private investment office atmosphere.


Guided by our Core Values

We will know you.

You will always work with a team member who knows you and your family. Our goal is that you will feel like we are your private investment office.

We will understand you.

Understanding your life goals can't be reduced to filling out a form. We will spend the time face-to-face to ask questions and to listen.

We will create a plan together.

We will create an investment plan for you and your family. This living document can be updated to reflect progress made and changes to your goals. It will serve as the roadmap for all of our meetings.

We will never stop learning.

We've been through all types of market environments and have learned more during the difficult ones. We are students of the market. By continuously learning, we've developed approaches designed to help minimize losses during a downturn and maximize returns during the recovery. 

We will work as a team with your trusted advisors.

We are committed to working directly with all of our clients' accountants, attorneys, and other trusted advisors. We believe a team approach works in your favor.

We will succeed when you succeed.

In general, we charge our clients an asset-based advisory fee on the accounts that we manage. Our financial success is directly correlated to our clients' financial success so we will succeed together.